In addition to yield maps and locating tile lines, we can use aerial imagery to help improve your operation in a number of ways.

Images taken prior to the crops reaching full canopy can aid in locating areas of high weed concentrations. Maps with this information can help to create a spot-spraying plan.

In season imagery can often locate areas of the field where crops are struggling due to lack of moisture, excess moisture, nutrient availability, weed or insect pressure, or other factors. We can quickly locate such areas and provide maps in either paper or electronic form that can be used to apply rescue treatments.

We can also use aerial imagery to digitize your field boundaries. Send us a Plat map with the field location clearly marked and a sketch of the field outline, and we will use images from our archive to digitize the field boundary. The accuracy for such boundaries rivals that of boundaries created using a GPS receiver. Accuracy within one or two tenths of an acre is standard.

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