Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should you sample your soil?
Soil sampling is like a medical "checkup." Doctors do not prescribe medication without one. Without an analysis of your soil, you are guessing what plant food your soil requires to reach its optimum levels.

What do you get from your soil sample?
When you send a sample of your soil to the soil lab, you receive an analysis that tells you the existing condition of your soil.
Along with an interpretation of the results that will include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and pH recommendations.

What do you do with the soil analysis?
Tell the lab what you plan to grow. Nutrient recommendations will be based upon your current analysis and the type of plants.
Use your recommendations to select the proper plant food and the quantity the soil requires reaching its optimum levels.

How many soil samples should you take?
Take as many samples as you have areas that will be treated individually.

How often should you sample?
It depends on the nutrient "health" of your soil.
If you do not have any major problems, you should sample every third year or so. If you have problems, you should sample annually until the problems are corrected.

Are CALMAR Soil Testing Labs new?
No, the people at CALMAR have been analyzing soil since 1979.
The procedures used by CALMAR meet the approved soil testing methodology of the NCR-13 Soil Testing Committee which are the best available.
No shortcuts are taken. CALMAR tests thousands of soil samples each week in both agriculture and the home and garden sectors.

Does CALMAR sell plant foods?
No, CALMAR Labs are independent. CALMAR specializes in soil analysis and does not sell any fertility products.

The soil interpretation you receive can be taken to your favorite plant food dealer to help determine the best products for your soil. CALMAR will only recommend what your soil truly needs.


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Once the lab receives your sample, you will receive your analysis within one to two weeks.