By using our Soil Test Kit, we can assist a homeowner to analyze the nutrient levels of their soil prior to planting a lawn, flowerbed, trees or garden. In this way we can suggest applications of specific elements before the plants be placed in the ground. If the need for nutrients is determined the correct nutrients can be mixed into the soil to insure healthy plant growth. By amending the soil in this fashion the investment in time and money to plant is assisted. One soil sample kit is included with each Soil Test Kit. One standard soil test analysis and one recommendation for your specific plant material is included. A general botanical fact sheet will be sent to you with in a week after we receive your sample.


Our Soil Test Kit, are available for you to resell to customers. If you require analysis of potting soil or soilless media we can provide this service at a competitive price.


We provide unbiased recommendations for nutrient applications on putting greens, tees, fairways and greens. We can also provide advanced GPS sampling techniques to enhance your management of nutrients. Agronomic trouble shooting of problems is available on a consulting fee basis. Consulting on weed control in ponds and lakes is available.


 We consult on weed management and control strategies in ponds and lakes


Soil samples can be submitted to CAL MAR Labs with or without the request for unbiased recommendations on 130 crops.

Nutrient sampling and management plans can be developed with one of our agronomists.
GPS soil sampling can be arranged with one of our sampling crews.

Our GIS (geographic Information system) specialiss can work with you in many ways including but not limited to:

  • download, print, and evaluate yield data
  • create soil sampling schemes
  • assist in obtaining, converting, storing, or analyzing any geo-referenced data
  • locate useful aerial imagery or schedule the acquisition of new aerial images
We also offer consulting to organizations that are looking for experience and expertise in the areas of crop consulting, GPS sampling, GIS information systems and software evaluation and development.